In the name of of Allah

The conscience is filled – with humility and pride – as I stand on this land, the land of martyrdom and altruism, the land of the master of the martyrs, Imam Hussain (pbuh) and his brother, Abi al-Fadl al-Abbas (pbuh), among this finest elite of my fellow teachers, employees, and my children, students at the College of Pharmacy, University of Karbala.

The College of Pharmacy is one of the colleges of the medical group in our dear university, which we strive to be one of the promising colleges in graduating qualified pharmacists to provide the best pharmaceutical services starting from drug dispensing through the pharmaceutical industry and its development as well as participating in the treatment process for patients by developing a treatment plan and providing Clinical pharmacological consultations ending with patient pharmaceutical care.

The rapid development that the world is witnessing in all fields of pharmacy makes it imperative for us to strive to keep pace with this progress by working to provide scientific competencies qualified to teach by increasing opportunities to participate in graduate studies inside and outside Iraq and to diversify the sources of knowledge and scientific agreements with the corresponding faculties globally from During an action plan adopted by the college under the auspices of the university and the ministry.

The profession of pharmacy is one of the oldest professions known to man, and it is one of the most prestigious professions because it deals directly with the life of man whom God Almighty has made the finest and most honorable creatures. Our human, Islamic, and Arab history has been rich in extraordinary pharmacologists who have enriched the whole world with their specialized literature. Which makes us face a double responsibility in preserving this huge scientific legacy through dedication to preparing a generation of new pharmacists armed with the latest theories and techniques the world has reached in the world of pharmacy and fortified with their rich heritage and ready to make the utmost efforts in the service of the nation and humanity.

God grants success

Prof.Dr. Ahmed Salih Sahib Al Khezaly

Dean of the College of Pharmacy