Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs
Dr. Muntazer Muhammad Kani

The CV of the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs

Gentlemen assistants to the dean for administrative affairs since the establishment of the college

TThe nameJurisdictionFrom a yearTo a year
1Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul-HusseinMicrobiology / Fungi20062007
2Prof. Dr. Abdel-Amir Odeh Tissues20072009
3Prof. Dr. Hassan Ali HussainMicrobiology20092011
4Prof. Dr. Abdel-Bari Mahdi analytical chemistry19/3/20117/10/2012
5Dr. Mohamed Talaat AbbasMedical Biochemistry7/10/201212/25/2014
6Dr. Hassan Abu Al-MaalyGenetic engineering and biotechnologies 12/25/2014
7 M. M. Hassanin Shaker Mahmoud20172017
8 Prof. Dr. Mudhar Abdel Moneim Kazem20172019
9 Dr. Muntazer Muhammad Kani2019until now