Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs

Dr. Alaa Abdul Hassan Hamdan

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Gentlemen assistants to the dean for scientific affairs since the establishment of the college

 N The name Jurisdiction From a year To a year
1Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul-HusseinMicrobiology / fungi20062007
2 Prof. Dr. Hassan Ali Hussain  Microbiology / Immunology 2007 2009
3 Prof. Dr. Abbas Matroud Bashi Physical chemistry 2009 T2 / 2009
4 Prof. Dr. Hassan Ali Hussain  Microbiology / Immunology 1/2/2010 7/10/2012
5 Prof. Ahmed Shehab Hamad organic chemistry 7/10/201211/28/2013
 6Dr. Ali Jalil AliPharmacy  11/28/201311/18/2014
7Dr. Alaa Abdel AbbasPharmacy11/18/20142/22/2015
8Dr. Ahmed Haqqi IsmailDrugs2/22/20152020
9Dr. Alaa Abdul-Hassan Hamdan2020until now