Celebration for the Occasion of the Birth of the Prophet’s Muhammad Birthday

In accordance with the noble verse (We have not sent you except as a mercy to all the worlds) The students of the Faculty of Pharmacy held a celebration on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad , the students distributed sweets and flowers. Through this occasion, students collected donations for orphans sponsored by Al Ain Foundation for the Care of Orphans.

The Faculty of Pharmacy continuously supports the orphans Materially and morally through repeated visits by the Dean of our faculty with professors and students

This comes with support and guidance of the Dean of our College, Professor Dr. Ahmed Saleh Al Khezali who  is always striving to raise the level of the College of Pharmacy scientifically and humanely.

It is noteworthy that the birth of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is an important event in the history because it is the birth of everything is good as it has many lessons that give hope in the change for what is the best in the world and the hereafter.

Sahar Wali