Faculty of Pharmacy holds a symposium about Differential scanning Calorimetric

A seminar was held at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Karbala, headed by. Dr. Mohammad Tala’at . The lecture was delivered by Dr. Abdul Bari which was titled

Differential scanning calorimetric. The symposium included a definition of this distinctive technique in the Faculty of Pharmacy which is currently in operation. This technique is lacking in many colleges and universities, since researchers from Basra University and other universities come to the Faculty of Pharmacy to conduct their experiments and find out the results of their researches through this modern device. This technique  has a great importance for studying thermodynamic transformations of polymers as well as changes in polymers when heated. The glass transition is an example of these thermal transformations

This technique examines the properties of the material which gets its change with temperature changing  and apply this technique on  a lot of materials such as metals ,  polymers and pharmaceuticals in terms of determining the degree of purity and its history

The aim of the seminar is to define Professors and researchers who are working in this


and  how to get  benefit  from it  in their future researches.