Faculty of Pharmacy organized a Symposium entitled “The Role of Antioxidant to Protect Eyes”

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Karbala held  a symposium entitled   “The role of antioxidant to protect eyes”

The symposium was chaired by Dr. Haifa Rashid ,  and the lecture was delivered by Dr. Salam Ahmed Abd, who works as a teacher in our college . The seminar included discussion the symptoms that affect the eye, including blindness (Catracts), Inflammation of the iris and the Glaucoma.

These diseases are attributed to the presence of Free roots Which may be unstable compounds, atoms or ions that damage the eye tissue, including the retina

The workshop also included the factors that lead to the emergence of these harmful roots, the stress resulting from exposure to radiation emitted from the use of electronic devices such as computer screen and mobile phones.

It is important in this case to use antioxidant compounds such as vitamin A and vitamin C and beta-carotene compounds such as Leonin and

Zaizanthin   that work to remove these free radicals from the body and protect the eye from damage .

  These vitamins are found naturally in carrots, kiwi, peas, broccoli and citrus fruits .The aim of the workshop was to warn of the dangers that are affecting the eye and how to prevent them naturally before causing damage