Faculty of Pharmacy holds a celebration on anniversary of birth Imam Ali Peace be upon Him

  Ali is the jewels and gold

 and the rest of people are all dust   

 He is the crying in the Silo worship at night

 He is the laughter if the war intensified

The branch of medications and medicinal plants in the Faculty of Pharmacy / University of Karbala held a ceremony on the occasion of the birth of Imam Ali (p) opened by supervisors of the branch

: We prove  our love to Imam Ali (peace be upon him) through sincerity in our work and not to waste the time because it is the basis for future steps, as well as by adhering of the laws and we have to offer evidence about our love to him through our humanitarian treatment with all segments of society.

The ceremony also included a lecture delivered by Mr. Bahaa al-Moussawi, who expressed his thankful  and gratitude to the Dean of our College for his speech which included loyalty to work and loyalty to Imam. His lecture was entitled:

(One characteristics of the construction of faith) His lecture touched on virtues of the prince of believers ,he mentioned the loyalty and faith of the Imam to Allah after that a group of poets said poems about the love of Imam Ali and at the end of the celebration the  Dean of College delivered appreciation letter to Mr. Bahaa Moussawi for his valuable lecture.

The College of Pharmacy celebrates annually on the 13th  of Rejeb which coincides the memory of auspicious birth.