(Addiction and its Risk to the Community) symposium was held by the Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Karbala held a symposium entitled “Addiction and its Risk to the Community”, which was attended by the Dean of the Faculty, in addition to the staff and professors as well as the students of the College  The symposium was opened by reading some verses of the Holy Quran after welcoming the attendees and then followed by a lecture presented by Dr. Wafa Fawzi, the professor in our college, which began with  an introduction about addiction and its types followed by lectures by our students on drugs and how to damage the individual and society . They also talked about the harmful effects of smoking, stressing the awareness of the dangers of their spread and the reasons for continuity and pointed to the need to use real solutions to lack of this phenomenon.

At the time, a lecture was given by Dr. Amer Al-Haidari, professor at the Faculty of Medicine and a psychiatrist In which he discussed the spread of this  phenomenon of drugs in our society and how to enter the country and species of drugs that are banned whether they were tablets or plants grown. He also talked about the subject of addiction on video games that last for long hours and their psychological effects.

The Dean of the College,Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saleh Al-Khezali, delivered a speech in which he praised all those who participated in the symposium, stressing the danger of addiction and assuming all responsibility by all, especially the students, by addressing the phenomenon of addiction wherever they are and give their advises  for others in order  not to access to addiction.

The symposium included important recommendations, the most important one were the development of laws and legislation to prevent drugs trading , activating the role of the media to raise health awareness and increase dialogue programs by doctors, maximizing the role of family, school and clergy to educate children and adolescents and warn them of the first experiment. At the end of the symposium, the Dean presented certificates of appreciation to the lecturers for  their efforts to success the symposium.

Edited by:

Ayman J. Mehdi