(Early detection of breast cancer) A seminar held by college of pharmacy

The Faculty of pharmacy at the university of kerbala held a seminar entitled(Early detection of breast cancer) it was given by Dr. Karrar Al-Mousawi, director of the cancer Centre at Al-Hussaini Medical and educational Hospital The seminar was attended by the Dean of the college, prof.Dr Ahmed Salih Al-Khezaly, and other professors of our college.The lecture included general information about cancer, ways to prevent it and its causes,as well as touched on the topic of breast cancer as the most occurring in women and addressed methods early detection and diagnosis to reduce the spread of the disease and treatment in the case of injury. The aim of the lecture was to increase awareness about cancer in general and breast cancer in particular. Among the instructions that were given by the lecturer is to increase of symposiums and seminars to visit health education and about this disease At the end of the lecture,the discussion was opened and questions were asked and answered, and the seminar concluded with an appreciation certificate was given by the Dean of pharmacy college to Dr. Karar Al-Mousawi, as a tribute to his efforts and his coming to our college.