College of pharmacy holds a seminar about TJM and its relationship to back diseases

Department of continuing education at college of pharmacy held a seminar entitled (Relationship of TJM Diseases to neck, shoulder and back pain) It was given by (Dr. Ali Adel-Hor Al-Ibrahimi) who specialized in Oral Medicine the lecture included a comprehensive explanation about temporal joint disorders and and problems affecting the jaw muscles as they lead to muscle fatigue and pressure on them,and thus the occurrence of spasms According to scientific studies,there is a big relationship between diseases affecting the jaw,teeth and pain in the back which may be caused mainly by the teeth, given that the jaw is linked with spine through the muscles and nerves, and that the temporomandibular joint inflammation may lead to pain in the teeth, neck, tinnitus, and headache,dizzy and others The workshop aimed to highlight on a widespread medical problem in global societies, especially Iraqi society, whose members suffer from problems, pains, and spasms of neck, shoulder,and back cramps and thier relationship with the problems of the temporomandibular joint and recurrent dental pain ,as well as problems in nasal sinuses and headaches and resulting from tension. At the end of the seminar the Dean of pharmacy college Prof.Dr. Ahmed Salih Sahib Al Khezaly gave a appreciation certificate to Dr. Abdel-Hur Al-Ibrahimi as a tribute to his valuable lecture and to the presentation of the problems that most people suffer from, and for offering health solutions and treatments.