Critical thinking:( is it a mandatory or optional) A scientific symposium held by the College of Pharmacy on the electronic platform

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Karbala held a scientific symposium entitled (Critical Thinking Is it a mandatory or optional) on the electronic platform (Free conference call) in which was given by   Dr. Ali Tariq Abdel Hassan, member of the European Society for Medical Education.                                                                                                               

The lecture included the importance of critical thinking in our personal and professional lives and its role in the decision-making process and scientific planning for any work.                                                                        

As the lecturer defined, critical thinking is an awareness of prejudices and thus seeing things as they are, from a non-personal perspective. This is what needs to get out of ourselves in order to be able to see what is new to be critical thinking on the truth, as he said, citing the saying of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) know the right you will know its belongings.                                                                                                               

At the time, the lecturer recommended opening centers and departments for training in skills for the twenty-first century in line with the age of the Internet and social media programs to materialize university requirements.                                                                                                         

This came as part of a series of seminars on psychological and educational counseling held by the College of Pharmacy with the lecturer, Dr. Ali Tariq, a teacher at the College of Medicine and a member of the European Society for Medical Education.