A course entitled (DSC of fundamentals data and operation Analysis) is held by the College of Pharmacy and on the online platform

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Karbala held a training course entitled (DSC of fundamentals data and operation analysis) and on the electronic platform FCC for a period of one day, in which the two lecturers at our college, Professor Hassanein Shaker Mahmoud and Professor Maryam Hussein, attended.                                                             

The course included the introduction of the DSC device and its multiple uses in various pharmaceutical and chemical branches                                

The lecturers also explained the way to operate the Japanese Shimadzu type device available in our college and gave a full explanation of the results of the treatment checks in this device.                                                

At the time, the lecturers added a full explanation of the multiple DSC device applications.                                                                                               

The course aimed to introduce the use of the DSC device so that researchers can benefit from this device.