The College of Pharmacy holds a course entitled (Statistical Data Processing Using the SPSS Program) for a period of two days

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Karbala held a course entitled (Statistical Data Processing Using the SPSS Program) on the electronic platform ZOOM, in which Professor M.M. Majed Rashid was raised for two days.                                                                                              

The course included several axes in which the lecturer began to define the program and how to prepare and bring data. As for the second axis, it was about creating tables and preparing statistical procedures, the third axis is dealing with the outputs, and the fourth axis is to create coordination and amend graphs.                                                                                               

The course also aimed at developing participants’ skills on using the SPSS program in statistical analysis of data and conducting various statistical tests within the procedures of scientific research that is implemented.     

At the time, the course witnessed the active participation of teachers and researchers and concluded with a test and their results were excellent