The Clinical Pharmacy branch was established in the second semester of the 2008-2009 academic year.

This is to develop the understanding and acceptance of clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care as concepts and applications among pharmacy students, through which the student can ensure the safe and effective use of drugs.

Students are practically exposed to general medical problems and various disease cases through training in hospitals, and they learn how to apply the practice of pharmacy in different hospital lobbies.

It also includes training in evaluating and following up various disease cases, evaluating therapeutic feeding regimens, recording errors related to treatment and drug interactions, and providing ideas for solving medical problems, so that they can participate effectively in the treatment of various diseases in the future.

The branch teaches the following subjects :

Communication skills (theoretical)The fourth
Pharmaceutical Ethics (theoretical)The third
Clinical pharmacy (theoretical and practical)The fourth
Applied treatments (theoretical)Fifth
Clinical pharmacokinetics (theoretical and practical)Fifth
Pharmaceutical economics (theoretical)Fifth
Hospital training (practical)Fifth

The branch aims to graduate qualified pharmacists who can participate effectively in decision-making to treat patients as part of the medical team.

We hope that in the near future, the branch will open the door for admission to graduate students in the field of clinical pharmacy and therapeutics.

Scientific activities:

The branch participates in scientific and practical activities in teaching hospitals, and the  branch’s teachers also participate in scientific conferences inside and outside the country.

The branch annually holds a scientific symposium on the latest developments in one of the important medical and pharmaceutical topics for the benefit of society, and it also holds periodic discussion sessions by the branch’s teachers about scientific developments.