The pharmaceutical chemistry branch was established at the beginning of the college’s establishment because of its importance as it is the basis for the academic subjects of the College of Pharmacy   . It teaches subjects from the first phase to the fifth phase alike

  The branch includes a group of professors and technicians holding scientific titles, and the branch aims to provide adequate information to students of the College of Pharmacy in the field of analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical analyzes …

 The branch contains a number of advanced laboratories in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, which contain many advanced devices, including:

nthe device name
1High -performance VPLC chromatographic analyzer  .
2  GLC Chromatograph .
3 CHNSO Microelement Analyzer .
4 FT IR infrared device  .
5 Metal element analyzer (atomic analyzer).
6 UV absorbing device.
7 Melting point measuring device.
8 High temperature convection oven.

A table of the names of the subjects taught in the branch of pharmaceutical chemistry

TSubjectStage / course
1Analytical Chemistry The first stage / the first course
2 organic chemistryThe first stage / second course
3 organic chemistry The   second stage
4Pharmaceutical chemistrythird level
5Pharmaceutical chemistryThe fourth stage
6 Advanced pharmaceutical analysislevel five