Definition of the administrative division: – It
consists of six units, including the individuals unit, the incoming and outgoing unit, the electronic archive unit, the preservation and priority unit, the database unit, and the services unit.

Duties of the administrative division: – It is the division that is responsible for the administrative work in terms of answering all the books and university orders issued by our university as well as the response of all the competent departments, and it is a link between the deanship, teachers and employees, as it issues administrative orders related to the organization and conduct of administrative work in the college as well as Regulating their financial rights, for example bonuses, promotions, endorsements, and regular and sick leaves for teachers and employees.

The objectives of the administrative division: – Organization of work and the speed of completion of transactions in order to achieve smooth dealing in order to raise the level and the administrative reality in the college. The division works to attract human resources with advanced competencies and use modern methods such as computer software in order to organize work.