This branch is concerned with studying the physiological and pathological events in the human body. It also means studying the characteristics of biological metabolites in the body and the factors affecting it in the natural conditions and pathological conditions, with carrying out pathological laboratory analyzes and identifying a section of common bacterial diseases by means of multiple tests, including pigments, biochemical tests or by testing Sensitivity to reach a diagnostic result for the causative bacterial disease.

The subjects studied by the Clinical Laboratory Sciences branch are as follows:

1Human biologistFirstthe first
2CalculatorsFirstthe first and the second
3Statistics and MathematicsFirstthe first
4Histology and anatomyFirstthe first
5democracyFirstthe first
6Microbiology Ithe secondthe first
7Microbiology IIthe secondThe second
8So a satisfactory excusethe thirdthe first
9Biochemistrythe thirdthe first and the second
10clinical ChemistryFifththe first
11Lab trainingFifthThe second