The Drugs and Medicinal Plants Branch was established with the beginning of the independent establishment of the College of Pharmacy to become one of the most important branches of the College of Pharmacy, which carries out many tasks, including: –

1- The theoretical and practical teaching of drugs and medicinal plants for the second and third academic stages

2- The branch conducts field training and observes medicinal plants through the medicinal botanical garden

3- The branch prepares training courses for graduates, researchers and herbalists through the continuing education program

4- The branch prepares annual scientific seminars related to medicinal herbs .

Branch vision :

It is the identification of medicines that come from natural materials and not industrial medicines, as well as the determination of semi-manufactured medicines, that is, those extracted from plants and animal products and with a simple chemical reaction.

Branch Message :

  It is to educate the community about the ways in which the herbs should be used, such as being tested and with known concentration, as there is a herbal medicine constitution that proves the amount of herbal that can be taken and the constitutional active substance concentration .


 It is to help the community to get rid of ignorance regarding herbal medicine and to avoid buying untested medicinal plants .

Academic subjects responsible for the branch:

The stageSubject NameN
The second phasePharmacognosy I1
third levelPharmacognosy II, III2

Branch Laboratories:

TName of the laboratoryThe stage
1Lab # 3 The second and third stage

Herbal garden:

The Botanical Garden of the Drugs and Medicinal Plants Branch was created due to its importance in the production of medicinal plants to benefit from them through conducting research for students and extracting active substances from them practically in the laboratory and by conducting experiments on the extracts in their introduction as a therapeutic substance for application to patients within the Booth in the research team For the branch, and it had a clear effect on accelerating the student’s understanding of the theoretical subject and bringing it into practice, for the benefit of health institutions and society.