The Registration Division is the backbone of any college where the student starts and ends with the first and last step, so students are registered in all admission channels, their documents are checked for the preparatory study, annual IDs are issued for them, their absences are calculated, transfer transactions to and from the college, and documents are prepared for their graduation.

Acceptance channels:


Transported from outside and inside Iraq.

Nomination amendment.

Transfer from top to bottom.

Equivalent certificates.

Transferring top students from colleges and institutes.

Public (private) education

Transportation from inside and outside the country shall be according to conditions laid down by the ministry, the most important of which are:

– The difference in the curricula should not be more than two subjects in each academic semester, and if it is more, then the student has the choice between assigning to a lower stage or canceling his transfer and returning it to his original college.

– The transferred student is required to study clearing lessons and has four attempts to succeed in one subject, and in the event that he is not successful, his enrollment from the study becomes weak.

Transferring students whose groups are a year of their graduation that qualifies them for admission to the same college.

Transferring the sons of diplomats, employees working abroad, and envoys, and their sons and wives to the corresponding study inside Iraq after the end of their parents’ work and their return to Iraq.

Students covered by the above two paragraphs, the student must be a graduate of the preparatory school of the scientific branch with a rate of not less than (85%) and that the student is obligated to pass the first year and passes the second year with a good grade.

– In the event that the student fails after his transfer to Iraq in the year of his return, his candidacy will be amended according to the total qualifications of him in the year of his graduation and the year of failure is counted within the time limit.

– The study system is a semester, whereby each semester is considered an independent academic year, at the end of which there are final exams.

– Transfer of the top students is either from institutes or from colleges, so students wishing to be accepted from the first ten% of graduates of institutes of pharmacy are accepted. As for the colleges, the first student is accepted in the first year in the departments of life sciences, chemistry, pathological analysis, applied chemistry and biotechnology in the colleges of science, as well as the first student in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Follow-up of students ’commitment to uniforms and according to the colors that the ministry sets annually.

Student IDs are issued annually by the Registration Division.

Follow-up of students’ absences and issue orders for their absences according to the following violations:

5% absence … Warning penalty.

8% absence …. A first warning penalty.

10% absence … a final warning penalty.

More than 10% absence without a legitimate excuse, the student is considered to have failed in his class.