The Medicines and Toxicology Branch was established in 2009-2010 to be one of the basic building blocks of building the College of Pharmacy at the University of Karbala, as the branch is concerned with teaching many academic subjects and for different stages such as medical terminology, physiology, and medicines as well as general and clinical toxicology.The Medicines and Poisons Branch seeks to achieve its objectives by graduating pharmaceutical cadres with experience and scientific potential that qualifies them to engage in medical field work in hospitals and health centers in the service of humanity and to extend a helping hand to those who need it, by relentlessly seeking to teach our college students the basic concepts of how medicine affects the human body, follow it up and discover Its interactions, side effects and toxicity, determining the optimal dose for use, biological evaluation of it and determining its toxicity. The branch also seeks to train cadres capable of scientific research by supervising students ’applied research and training them in scientific research methods. Teachers to complete their higher studies to obtain a master’s or doctorate degree inside and outside Iraq and communicate with them and provide them with the necessary requirements for the purpose of obtaining their certificates and returning to the college to be an important tributary of the academic workAnd research in the college and a supportive element in its scientific career, evidenced by the progress that our college has achieved in the past few years, the best guide to seminars and courses held by the college, as well as research published in international journals and conferences in which our teachers participate inside and outside Iraq, in addition to their supervision of graduate students and many activities that participate With our branch in the service of the Iraqi society, our ambition is to continue and rise with escalating curves, with the help of the Almighty, but we seek to make our progress in a conscious and thoughtful manner in line with the needs of our society and our country to form an active and important element and part of the process of solving the problems and obstacles facing the educational process in our dear country, and may God grant success.

Laboratories belonging to the branch: 

TLab namethe number
1-       Pharmacology and Physiology Laboratory1
2-       Animal house1
3-       Graduate Lab1

 Academic subjects responsible for the branch:

1Medical terminology P1First
2Physiology  F1 + F2the second
3Medicines F2The third
4Medicines F1 + F2The fourth
5General Toxicology P2The fourth
6Clinical Toxicology P1Fifth