Rehabilitation and preparation of the postgraduate laboratory at the college.

a preparation for the start of the new academic year for postgraduate students, which will start on the fourth of September for the year 2022-2023, the Pharmaceuticals and Toxicology department  in the college has started preparing the graduate studies laboratory (Master) in the college near the start date of the academic year and direct the graduate students accepted in the college.

Laboratory materials (experimental materials) that students need during their studies have been prepared.

Where the laboratory contributes directly to the development of the personal and scientific skills of students to be qualified to conduct various experiments and measure the multiple variables that contribute to the development of their scientific skills.

To provide an integrated scientific environment for postgraduate students to complete their scientific experiences for their master’s theses, where a number of variables related to the pharmacological and toxicological effect are examined.

It is noteworthy that the College of Pharmacy has equipped the Studies Laboratory with the latest equipment for the preparation and producing  of pharmaceutical preparations to be a basic laboratory in the completion of advanced pharmaceutical research in pharmacology and joining the global development path through the research of graduate students.