The College of Pharmacy displays the talents of its students by hosting the drawing festival

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Kerbala University hosted a drawing festival organized by the Student Activities Division with the participation of our university’s colleges, with direct support from the dean of our college, Prof.Dr. Ahmed Salih Sahib Al Khezaly, the esteemed and coordinated Division of Student Activities in our college.

Where the festival included an exhibition of artistic paintings for students of our college and various colleges from our university preceded by preparations and preparation for the student club in our college to be a place for display. At the   time, our students were distinguished by their expressive paintings at the drawing festival, in which the students ’artistic talents exploded for the second year, in addition to their previous participation in decorating the college and   university facilities with mural paintings.             

The paintings also expressed beautiful meanings and ideas with depth that grew from real talents that develop in a line parallel to scientific development.

This came within a series of activities held by the College of Pharmacy in the sports, cultural and literary aspects to develop and demonstrate the skills and talents of our students in addition to developing the scientific side.