(Psychological counseling and educational guidance in E-learning) A seminar held by the College of Pharmacy and on the electronic platform

Within a series of weekly seminars, the College of Pharmacy at the University of Karbala held a seminar entitled (psychological counseling and educational guidance in e-learning) and under the direct supervision of the dean of our college, Prof.Dr. Ahmed Salih Sahib Al Khezaly, the lecturer, Dr. A.D. Ali Tariq Abdul Hassan has given a lecture via the free conference call platform                                                                                      

The symposium started with a briefing on E-learning and what it is, as it is one of the characteristics of the twenty-first century and its importance as traditional education, not only in the conditions of Corona disease.      

For his part, the lecturer indicated that our university adopted the E-learning project several years ago and its great value appeared in the current circumstance.                                                                                           

He also continued in his speech, including electronic education, skills he called the lecturer with liquid skills in which classified into four axes, namely the four T, which are critical thinking and dialogue, cooperation and systemic leadership, and the fourth T of innovation and creative thinking.                                                                                                                    The symposium aimed to introduce the skills of E-learning in a scientific and systematic way